Sights and shopping

Always stop by the tourist information center in whatever city of town you visit. Great place to get your bearings and find out about tours, etc.



  • Take the tour bus around the city; not just for the tourist information but also to experience riding around in a tall tour bus in the narrow, twisty streets.


  • 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour – A fascinating tour that takes off from the International Bar off Grafton Street.  First get a pint at the bar and go downstairs for a introductory lecture and than walk around Dublin, ending at the Post Office. One thing we learned was that Dublin was a Protestant city but Catholic churches were allowed but didn’t make themselves too obvious. The tour guide described a church off Grafton Street that was hidden in plain site and walking back from the tour we found it.
  • Historical Walking Tour from Trinity College – Led by history students at Trinity, this was a very entertaining and informative tour.
  • Abbey Theatre – We saw a great play here. On the north sideo f the Liffey.


  • Kilkenny Castle – When you arrive in Kilkenny first thing get tickets to the castle as they only have a certain number of tickets available. This one has a roof and furniture and beautiful grounds.



  • Kilkenney Store – Everything Irish with a bit of style. You won’t find much touristy stuff.
  • Celtic Whiskey Shop – One block from Grafton Street for all the Irish whiskeys you could ever want.
  • Grafton Street – an outdoor mall with every shop in Ireland. Check the side streets for funkier shops.
  • Temple Bar Food Market – If you’re in Temple Bar on a Saturday stop by and see what real Irish food looks like.


  • The Kilkenny Store of course. Same as in Dublin, Cork and Galway.  Across the street from the castle.

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