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How to talk to people in a pub

Robert and I have met so many brilliant people in pubs in Ireland. Fascinating people we’ve met in pubs include:

  • A bass player whose bass was rubbish
  • Two young women from Australia, interning in London and traveling through Ireland
  • Numerous folks from all over the EU who wanted to discuss American elections
  • A young man from the Netherlands named Bart
  • A man who explained exactly how the Celtic Tiger economy effected regular people
  • And on and on….

And now for some tips on how to talk to folks in pubs in Ireland:

  • Sit at the bar. If you sit at the bar it is assumed that you are available to talk. If you sit at a table, not so much so.
  • Be open to others. You will meet not only Irish folks, but people from all over the world, especially the EU.
  • Talking gets easier the later in the evening.
  • Ask questions. We asked lots of questions about Ireland, places to go, Irish history and politics, etc. We got great answers and conversations.
  • As for the famous anti-American sentiments…Some folks may not like American politics but they do like individual Americans. Don’t be afraid to express your own opinions but be sure to listen to theirs. One fascinating thing about talking politics in pubs is that opinions are often not what you expect or they’ll have quite a different perspective.
  • Tell a joke. Robert has lots of bad ones he loves to tell.

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